More results with WhatsApp! Automate conversations, serve with quality and sell more.

Have a business WhatsApp account in minutes, improve your customer service management and retain your audience in the most popular messaging application in Brazil.

How WhatsApp can help your business

A business account gives your business confidence and access to the latest technology for your conversations.

Sell more with WhatsApp

Multiply your company's sales, serving customers in moments and with more quality.

Send bulk messages securely

We are official partners of Meta, here you will find total security to make mass shots, without risk of blockages.

Serve with more convenience

With the mobile application, you can serve customers and manage appointments, without wasting time!

Make service fast and interactive

With the help of the Chatbot, send audios, videos and use buttons so that your client interacts with you in the best way.

Integrate WhatsApp with other systems

Take advantage of the full potential of WhatsApp integrated with systems that your company already uses, such as CRM, marketing automation, among others, and deliver more value to conversations with your client.

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What is the WhatsApp API and what are its advantages

In addition to the features provided by WhatsApp that you are already familiar with, the WhatsApp Business API is a solution that allows you to automate your conversations and simplify all your customer service, improving your service management without the risk of blocking your contact number.

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Disponível com restrições

O WhatsApp permite criar sua conta comercial caso não haja a intenção de comercializar ou promover determinados produtos e serviços.

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O WhatsApp ainda não permite criar uma conta comercial para o seu tipo de negócio, mas a Huggy tem alternativas especiais para você.

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Entre em contato com a gente para conhecermos o seu negócio e te ajudar a criar sua conta comercial do WhatsApp.

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Find out if your company is able to use the official Meta API on WhatsApp

Insert your data, in a few seconds you will receive information whether or not you can use the WhatsApp API right now!

By integrating the WhatsApp API with Huggy, you can:

Automate the calls

With the chatbot, your customers are served whenever they want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using a number on multiple screens

In multiple assistance, your team will be able to use a single number on several screens to carry out the assistance.

Manage appointments

Have an exclusive, simple and objective panel, for you to measure your agents services.

Integrate channels with an API

Huggy's API is open so that you can integrate all your service channels and CRM platforms.

Transfer calls between departments

You will be able to easily transfer your calls between the company's internal departments.

Access conversation stories

Don't worry, you won't lose data or conversation history, here you can access it whenever you want.

Still in doubt about WhatsApp for business?

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We are official partners of Meta

Huggy has complete security and transparency to activate Meta's official API, this means that as partners you have even more credibility to use official channels avoiding unexpected blocks.

Common questions

What is WhatsApp Business API?

It is a solution for small, medium and large companies that want to connect with their customers in a professional way on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp app we already know was created for personal use. WhatsApp Business, in turn, is a solution aimed at small businesses. The WhatsApp Business API, on the other hand, provides more credibility to your business and guarantees access to exclusive resources.

Use our simulator to check if your business is accepted by the WhatsApp Business API usage policies.

All you need is some contact information for your company, in addition to carrying out the step-by-step configuration of Huggy WhatsApp.

If you use WhatsApp Business or the personal app, you can migrate your number to the WhatsApp Business API. Contact Us for help making this process safe.

Yes. The seal is an exclusive feature of the WhatsApp Business API and is available for profiles that are a reference in the market in which they operate.

Yes. We support MessageBird, Zenvia, Wavy/Sinch, Facebook, Gupshup, Smarters and Infobip partner providers.

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