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We are a company that uses technology to make digital service an incredible and scalable experience. For us, attending is giving attention, in time and in the way that people deserve. So we found a way to delight without losing efficiency.

We are

And we are also history.

We emerged from the need to create a solution for managing conversations via online chat.
We created PowerZap , which in addition to helping customers automate their conversations, allowed us to find our real purpose.
We bring together technology, messaging applications and specialists to promote multichannel , without losing control of the service.
After many tests, validations and studies, we create even more complete solutions.
We were reborn, now with a name that translates our purpose to bring organizations and people together: Huggy.
We officially launched one of the biggest Digital Marketing events in Latin America: the RD Summit 2017.
We were considered one of the 8 best startups that exhibited at the event at Estadão.
We launched new products and positioned ourselves as a leader in the Digital Service platform.
We doubled our base in number of customers and turnover and continued to move forward.

Today we are one of the fastest growing companies in Brazil.

+ 1000 active clients
+ 1 billion processed messages
+ 50 million services performed
+ 60 Huggers passionate about what they do

Listen to our customers' experiences

Let our customers show you how Huggy can revolutionize the digital service of your business.

This is the result of a team of expert Huggers who make everything possible.

We contribute to continue strengthening the concept of Digital Service, perfecting techniques and offering educational tools to the market for the dissemination of knowledge.

A team that does not wait for new concepts, resolutions or opportunities. We do it.

We integrate people with different expertise in our team so that we can create the best technologies and offer unforgettable experiences.

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We are tireless in the search for the improvement of our solutions

In addition to technical mastery and constant updating, we have the creativity to reinvent ourselves with each new challenge, and presence, to help you go further and further.

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Let Huggy help your business grow!

Let Huggy help your business grow!

Increase productivity and create practical solutions for your company's Marketing, Sales and Support teams.

Let Huggy help your business grow!
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