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Automate your customer service with chatbots and gain more agility in your sales processes, reducing hiring costs and response time.

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Humanize your robot

It looks like a joke, but it is not! With ChatBot from our platform, you can train your robot to develop a highly unique conversation with each of your customers. Ensuring an increasingly satisfying experience.


Get custom reports

Only by analyzing results can you improve your service. So here you can merge reports and measure results your way.


Import your data

Transfer data from one ChatBot to another and don't miss important knowledge by building resource strength to better guide your customer to their question.

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ChatBot in attendance solving doubt

Scale your potential

Up to 80% of your calls can be resolved by ChatBots. This decreases the flow of calls, complaints and doubts, enhancing your ability to answer. Set up your ChatBot for 24/7 pre-service and ease your internal demand, such as sending slips, notes, and exams.

ChatBot in attendance solving doubt
Two calls happening simultaneously via ChatBot and solving both problems
Two calls happening simultaneously via ChatBot and solving both problems

Boost Your Sales

Your most assertive marketing strategy. Schedule your ChatBot to collect your customers' pains, answer questions about your product, payment method, shipping, and more.

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