Why Capture with Huggy?

Only with Huggy can you integrate channels into a single platform and have full control in managing your calls. Create departments and automatically distribute your leads exactly where you want them, increasing your chances of doing business.

Flow chat to capture visitor data and turn it into lead
Flow chat to capture visitor data and turn it into lead

Turn your visitors into leads

Set up and enable triggers on your site to capture key information from your visitors so you know what their real problem is and invest in solutions that really turn them into potential customers.

Multiple trigger options:

Choose when to be shown

Choose when to be shown

Set the time it takes the trigger to first interact with the user

Change the design and write your message

Change the design and write your message

Choose from the button style to the text and background colors.

Know if it is working

Be aware of how many clicks, conversations and views your trigger is having.

Qualify your leads by Chatbots

Get valuable information from your customers through an informal chat. Think about the questions that are essential to start your sales process, set them up and let our chatbot make it work for you.

Always be available 24/7
Spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without increasing your team.
Build rewards for at least 3 pains of your customers
Create a campaign and set up your chatbot to talk about impacted leads.
Try it! Just say “Hello” above and see it working. Click Here!
Have a rich material for every pain
Let the chatbots make the first call so that your team works on more important tasks.
Deliver rich material in exchange as a reward for data exchange
With integrations, chatbots can solve routine and automatic demands such as sending invoices, exam results and other requests.

Guide the leads to the right people

Create your company's sales departments and automatically distribute the leads to the experts in each area, increasing your chances to make deals.

Trust who can do more for you!

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