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Increase visitor engagement. Use our triggers tool on your website to display personalized messages, pop-ups, and other actions.

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Multiple models
for your strategy

Top BarTop Bar

Top Bar

Modal (pop-up)Modal (pop-up)

Modal (pop-up)



Bottom BoxBottom Box

Bottom Box

Top Bar

Located at the top of the website, it should include an intuitive phrase and a button that directs the visitor to sign up, start a chat, or specific pages.

Customize the appearance

In the Appearance tab, you can define colors, title, text, media (image, video, or YouTube URL), and the button as well.


Choose the button colors, text, and even the trigger background color.


Choose the text that best suits your campaign and have the freedom to customize your trigger.


Insert images or videos into your trigger and increase your conversion rate.

Call to action

Choose the best format for your call to action and make your trigger perfect from start to finish.


Determine the conditionals

Define one or a set of rules for your trigger to be displayed.



Configure your trigger to appear, for example, when your visitor has been on the same page for a long time.



Speak in a personalized manner based on your website visitor's location.

Page URLPage URL

Page URL

You can configure it to be displayed on specific pages of your website and thus make accurate offers!

Choose the actions

Determine what happens next and direct your visitor wherever you desire.

New Chat InteractionNew Chat Interaction

New Chat Interaction

Use triggers to initiate a chat interaction or have your visitors chat with you.

Redirect to a PageRedirect to a Page

Redirect to a Page

Take your visitors to a page on your website or to any other web page.

Track the results

Validate and analyze the performance of your strategy: how many visitors viewed your trigger, how many of them became leads, and subsequently potential customers.

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