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Integrate with Huggy, connecting systems and ensuring better strategic execution with more data and therefore satisfaction.

System brands in integrated connections, bringing Huggy in centrality and dashed paths indicating the possibility of migrating data between Huggy and brands.

Integrate systems at Huggy

With Huggy integrations, you can gather valuable information from systems you already use and bring new functionality to our platform, all via the API.

Centralize your events

Witch our Webhook system you can know all the news about your digital service: Creation of new chats, new messages, purchases completion, among others.

Use apps to optimize your service

Build bridges to migrate services and automate your customers' experience throughout the buying journey, empowering your bottom line.

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Create your own app

Using our API to perform functions and query data, you can streamline your activities and streamline demands such as: Sending direct messages, accessing chat history, storing contact information, optimizing campaigns, etc.
Our API is open and you can request full documentation via chat with one of our experts, so your developer team can make the most of it.

System icons for Huggy-connected integrations

Count on our marketplace

There are several applications already available for you to integrate with Huggy! Capture leads, automatically create tickets, flag and record sales leads… with Huggy integrations you can.

Available integrations:
And soon, much more!

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