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WhatsApp Business API

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

In addition to the features provided by WhatsApp that you already know, WhatsApp Business API is a solution that allows you to automate your conversations and simplify all your customer service. Want to know more? Press play and discover the differences of each version of the application.

By integrating WhatsApp + Huggy , you can:

Have multiple attendants on a single number

When each operator uses a different number of WhatsApp, the service information is separated and disorganized, making your control and your customer's experience confusing.

With Huggy, you centralize conversations in a single location, has multiple attendants using the same number and has total control over their attendance.

Use chatbots to answer your customers 24 hours a day

Configure your bot to answer frequently asked questions and forward more complex questions to your human layer. Thus, you can filter the calls and optimize the time of your employees, maintaining efficiency and human warmth in each conversation.

And much more
Scale your service with automation
Access all conversation history
Separate your calls by department
Transfer customers between departments
Give full attention to customers in service
Chatting humanely and warmly

Still don't know if you should use WhatsApp?

+ 2 billion users
active in the world
93% of messages
via WhatsApp are read
74% have already done
in-app purchases

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about hiring our platform here.

How do I get the WhatsApp Business API?

At this time, access to an official WhatsApp API is limited. The first step is to make the request through the button "talk to expert" available on this page so that we can analyze and direct your project together with a solution provider for approval of WhatsApp.

Huggy is a digital service platform that allows you to manage all your service channels (E-mail, Telephone, WhatsApp, Telegram and etc.) in a professional way. Therefore, it is ideal for companies that seek better management of their services, automation of them or centralization of messengers in a single platform. Not to mention that through Huggy you can scale your service with multiple users.

Yes, the Huggy platform provides its dashboard via the web and mobile application. With this, through our application you can receive notifications of new calls, make calls and other features directly from the mobile to any channel configured on the platform. Our app is available for Android and iOS.

Yes, end-to-end encryption of the message happens between the WhatsApp Business API Client and the end user. Additionally, if you are using HTTPS when making calls to the WhatsApp Business API Client, this data will be encrypted by SSL (from your back end client to the WhatsApp Business API Client).

Yes, 0800 numbers or landlines are allowed by WhatsApp. However, in some countries it will be necessary to validate the feasibility of the same.

No. The WhatsApp Business API solution requires a clean number. Our suggestion is to set up a WhatsApp Business and put a welcome message directing you to the new number if approved by WhatsApp.

Yes. Your company must follow the WhatsApp terms of use, if there is any behavior that is not expected, your account may be blocked temporarily or permanently. For example, mass marketing (spam) actions will not be allowed in any way by the application while preserving the end user experience.

WhatsApp and its users value end-to-end encryption. All messages in WhatsApp are encrypted with high levels of encryption. Each message is encrypted with the sender and recipient keys, which are redirected forward each time a message is sent. WhatsApp can not read these messages because it has no keys to decrypt messages. The keys are stored by the user on your mobile device and by the company in the database. That's why the WhatsApp Business API Client is a hosted solution that requires a database. Having an API to send messages will stop end-to-end encryption, which is against WhatsApp's philosophy.

Let Huggy help your business grow!

Let Huggy help your business grow!

Increase productivity and create practical solutions for your company's Marketing, Sales and Support teams.

Let Huggy help your business grow!
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