Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Find answers to the most common questions about subscribing to our platform.

Can I test the tool?

Yes, we offer 7 (seven) free days on any plan, and after that period, you can continue using the platform on the Starter plan.

What is the difference between registered and connected users?

You can register as many users as you want on the platform, but only the number of contracted users can log in simultaneously. This model allows you to save on the budget when you have agents who will use the platform only for one shift.

Is there a loyalty contract?

No, all our plans are prepaid and do not have loyalty. To cancel, simply do not pay the monthly fee.

Can I integrate with other systems?

Yes, our system provides API and Webhook, which allows integration with any internet-connected system that supports integrations.

Which channels does the platform control?

Through the panel, you will have control over the main communication channels such as Email, Telephone, Online Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and Custom Channels.

What is the payment method for plans?

Plan payments can be made by credit card or bank slip.

How can I contact support?

We are always ready to help you! Within your platform, go to the left sidebar, click on Help > Talk to Support; The chat will open, and you can start a conversation.

What are the domains used by the Huggy platform?

Avoid possible blocking of our URLs in your company. Domains: * ; ; * ; * ; * ; *

What is the file size limit I can send through the Huggy platform?

The allowed limit for sending depends on the feature or channel used: "Send File" action in Flow: 15MB limit (Documents, audio, images, and videos); Attach files during support, including channels like Online Chat and WhatsApp, for example: 15MB limit; Shortcuts: allowed to attach files up to 15MB; Attach files during email support: 25MB limit; Triggers: you can attach images up to 4MB.

How does Automatic Distribution work?

Automatic Distribution ensures a fair and balanced distribution of support among agents, even if they have different response times. Even if one agent is faster, the support is distributed sequentially, as if it were a queue. The only exception is if other agents reach a maximum number of configured support, in which case the available agent will continue to receive support.

How can I request the cancellation of my Huggy plan?

If you are a paying user of any Huggy plan and, for any reason, want to cancel the plan, you can make this request within the platform itself. To do this, access the Huggy platform and click on the Payments module > Cancellation. After that, click on the blue Request Cancellation button and fill in the requested information, and we will get in touch.